Seeking Volunteers

VALS is seeking people from a range of life experiences, skills and education to volunteer with us. We can offer volunteers experience in office administration, event management, community development, community legal education, policy, law reform, field officer and legal services.
We have two intake periods per year, February and July.

If you are interested in volunteering at VALS, please fill in the VALS application form.

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If Yes, please advise of the details of such placements. Please also attach a letter of reference from each placement supervisor OR a copy of each placement report.

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hereby certify that I have READ and AGREE to comply with all the requirements for volunteers which are listed in the Information Pack which was supplied to me with this Application Form.

I hereby certify that if I am successful in obtaining a placement at VALS I will comply with all lawful and reasonable directions from my placement supervisor or any other VALS staff member.

I hereby certify that by signing this Application Form that I authorise the VALS to contact either by letter, telephone or any other means any person/organisation that the VALS considers necessary to confirm any of the information I have provided in this Application Form. I also acknowledge that, if necessary, the VALS may need to obtain other information about me, for example conducting a Working With Children check.

I hereby acknowledge that if I am successful in obtaining a placement at VALS I will be required to read the VALS Volunteer Manual before I commence the placement.

I understand that any misrepresentation by me will lead to the withdrawal of any offer of placement or my placement being terminated.

Please Note that we might request more information, when we get in contact with you.